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Working for a gym Vs Being a self-employed personal trainer:

???? Working in a gym is very sociable and hopefully you will enjoy the camaraderie of the team as well as getting support and development opportunities from your manager.
???? Being a self-employed personal trainer allows you to choose your own hours (perhaps school hours if you’re a parent or you may choose to work similar hours to your partner or friends) as opposed to working unsociable hours in a gym.
???? As a personal trainer in a gym you have a ready pool of prospective clients to interact with.
???? When working for yourself, you and your client can choose to do a lot of the personal training outdoors (it is advisable to check you have the relevant qualifications, insurance and have also prepared a thorough risk assessment however).
???? Holidays, sick pay and pensions are a perk of being an employed personal trainer.
???? If you work for yourself you may choose to have another strand to your business as well as personal training so if you have another skill that may be able to earn money from you can do this side by side having personal training clients.
???? Health Clubs often pay for you to complete a variety of useful training courses which can boost your career prospects as well as boosting your appeal as a personal trainer.
???? When working for yourself you can shape your business in exactly the way you want to and perhaps choose to specialise in certain areas of personal training that you enjoy best.
???? Free use of state of the art gym equipment may be a huge draw for you as an employed personal trainer. Some gyms will give your partner and kids a free membership too.
???? When working for yourself you may find you have more time for your own training as you are managing your own diary.
Whether you choose the employed or self-employed route as a personal trainer or perhaps have a go at both, you are sure to get a lot of satisfaction out of following a career path that you are passionate about! Personal training is a very dynamic, high energy job with lots of variety, social interaction and freedom to shine! You drive the motivation and you will probably find you get a lot of gratitude and after-session smiles from your clients who are delighted with their results!
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Author: Hayzel Davies

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