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At Performance Training, our goal is to qualify you as a fitness professional with as much knowledge, confidence and motivation as possible to ensure that you make a success of your self within the fitness industry. We also have the perfect venue for you to build your business as soon as you are qualified.

We are an accredited independent training provider, endorsed by Central YMCA Qualifications (CYQ) who are the UK’s leading awarding organisation in health and fitness. CYQ is highly recognised within the industry not just in the UK but also worldwide, once qualified you have the opportunity to take your skill and work in another country all together, Europe, Australia, USA and so on.

The qualification syllabus’ that CYQ issues are very up to date with the skills and knowledge necessary to be a great fitness professional, but along with this, we add a wealth of necessary industry experience and knowledge to give you the highest standard of learning.  The industry experience that can be passed onto you within your qualification is what we believe is highly important to ensuring you know how to become a success within the ever growing, always improving health and fitness industry.

We only use tutors who are actively working within the industry and who have already accumulated a number of years experience, we believe this is necessary to deliver the subject knowledge to CYQ standards but also to ensure that you gain more than just what is written in manuals and course material, we believe you need to be qualified to the highest level in order to succeed and in order to train individuals effectively. The industry deserves so much more than someone that can put together a ‘hard session’ to make a paying client feel like they can’t do anymore, an effective Fitness Professional is someone who can cater for every need of every client, they should know how to train specifically for muscle imbalances, hard to achieve goals, sports specific training and even how to treat dysfunctions and injuries of the body. Our courses teach you how to be the ‘full package’ when it comes to being a fitness professional.

Our tutors go above and beyond the syllabus to give you the complete ‘trainers tool box’ of methods, knowledge and information, so that you are more than ready to make an impact in the industry and to give you the motivation to start using your knowledge. As stated earlier, the syllabus is extent in the knowledge it gives you, we then add to this, this ensures you have all the subject knowledge that any good fitness professional should have. To add to your repertoire as a Fitness Professional you will be shown how to implement, into your own training as well as your clients training, the use of different equipment, such as:

  • Kettle bells
  • TRX Suspension systems
  • Boxing pad work
  • Outdoors equipment and more

We will also teach you many different  training methods to enable you to cater for many different goals. Methods of training that you will learn include:

  • Resistance training techniques
  • Interval training methods for peak performance
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Functional Exercise, Bio-Mechanics and Core Stability
  • Training disciplines such as CrossFit are also delivered and taught
  • Posture analysis and advanced stretching techniques
  • Effective fitness, strength and body composition testing

Along with teaching you many different methods of resistance training and cardiovascular training, you will learn how to periodise your training programmes towards a long term goal. You will also learn how to train individuals for many different specific goals, including:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle and strength gains
  • Sports specific goals
  • Fitness and events goals and more

Along with all the practical knowledge and an understanding of the mechanics of the body, you will learn in depth about nutrition, a subject that can often be overlooked. A good understanding is necessary of this subject to enable you to properly programme towards specific goals effectively. It is the understanding of how to balance the right types of foods in the right quantities to suit each individual that allows most goals to be achieved in the desired time scale. It is the effects that the foods have on our bodies and our hormones that is essential to plan for and to know how to properly address. The experience and advanced learning of our tutors allow this to be delivered effectively, adding to your learning experience and subject knowledge greatly. It is again going above and beyond the already great syllabus content that gives you this learning experience.

It is not just the added subject and industry knowledge that gives you the right pathway into the industry, we also offer unlimited support throughout the course duration and especially after the course has finished. It is the moment once qualified that most individuals will need a bit of support, help to build a business and confidence in delivery, that is what we are here for.

We have marketing and web design experts at hand to offer you services or just simple advice to get your business noticed, we offer advice on how to do business accounts, and we even have a venue that you can base your business from as soon as you are set up and ready to go.

If using our facility for a base for your business, we don’t try to take a cut of your earnings, there is no hefty sign up costs, you just simply pay as you use and you get to use one of the best training facilities in the South West. Another benefit is that you will be working alongside us so we will be at hand to help you whenever you need it.

Another important factor to consider once you are qualified is how to continually enhance your knowledge. Not only is gaining CPD (Continual Professional Development) points necessary for renewing your membership with REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) each year, it will also make you a better fitness professional in the health and fitness industry. At Performance Training we regularly hold nutritional lectures, training workshops as well as other qualifications and awards that you can use to further your knowledge.

The next logical progression for most Level 3 Personal Trainers should be a qualification in Sports Massage and Strength & Conditioning. We offer the CYQ Level 3 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy at our facility, this will further your knowledge about the body, it will give you a better understanding of how to train and treat a clients body, wether that be injury specific or muscular imbalances. It will also give you another service to offer your existing clients and other individuals that you may not already be training. We do not currently offer any qualifications in Strength and Conditioning, but we liaise with one of the best companies in the UK who do offer the Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates in Strength and Conditioning, ‘KettleBell Education’. See links below related to both of these courses.

We generally believe that any fitness professional who holds the Level 2/3 Personal Trainer qualifications and the Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy qualification (and possibly a certificate in Strength and Condition) could then class themselves as an ‘Elite Personal Trainer’. This is the level that we would like to get all of our candidates up to, and to then see you be a success and renowned within the industry.

Along with furthering your knowledge with lectures, workshops and further qualifications, we also offer all our candidates access to our online resource library where you can find videos, resources, and even a platform to speak with other fitness professionals starting up or already active in the industry.

Finally course costing. We believe that we are highly competitive with our course costings, we do not try and over charge for the qualification that you are after. Not only are our prices competitive we also offer interest free instalment plans that suit you. Allowing you to get qualified without the stress of finding the funds and without having to get a bank loan, adding the extra high rate interest on top each month.

If you would like to find out more about our courses, help with career planning or simply to book onto our next course to start your journey then please contact us:

E: info@performancefq.com          T: 07595 762518 (Ashley Hough – Company Director)

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