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Just as stretching and foam rolling is a great antidote to regular and demanding exercise sessions, sports massage could be seen as the Rolls Royce version.
  • Having sports massage therapy under your belt is a great selling point, not only can you train your client to reach their goals but you can also support their recovery and relaxation. As well as sports massage being the up sell that boosts your monthly earnings it could also act as a reward that your client can treat themselves to having worked hard to meet their milestones. Best to forewarn your clients though that the massage is unlikely to be like a spa day therapy; sports massage is designed to be more vigorous but can also help relieve soft tissue tension.
  • A maintenance massage is a great addition to any conditioning program. Manually manipulating soft tissue can help the body return to a more optimum state with regards to supporting better posture and movement patterns due to working on soft tissue dysfunctions. Sports massage can also draw healing nutrients and oxygen towards scar tissue and sore sites. Both athletes and physically active individuals can benefit from regular sports massage sessions which can relax them, support better anatomical alignment and encourage the lengthening of muscles as well as opening up constricted areas between muscles and other soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons and fascia.
  •  Sports massage can be used for injury prevention as well as supporting your client’s recovery from certain common injuries which are in the chronic stage. A sports massage therapist may also be able to determine muscle abnormalities and this may lead to you adapting their training program so as to encourage better muscular symmetry and proportion.
  • If your client is training with you for a sporting event they may be grateful of a pre-event massage. A brisk, invigorating massage for around 10-15 minutes before your client’s warm-up may help to encourage blood flow towards the main muscles that will be used during their event and in doing so aid their performance. The massage can also help with joint mobility, flexibility and to keep your client mentally alert.
  •  Providing your client with a post-event massage can help to flush out toxins and lactic acid as well as encouraging the muscles to return to their pre-event state. It is also aimed to help reduce soreness and swelling and promote faster healing. A post-event massage can then compliment a cool down routine by providing both a physical and mental winding down experience.
  • Sports massage can be a great way to combat stress. If your client has a hectic job or lifestyle they are likely to sometimes experience stress. Alleviating stress can have a knock-on effect on someone’s overall health especially as excessive stress has been linked to many chronic diseases. Sports massage can also aid circulation and improve lymphatic drainage which can in turn support your client’s well-being.
Not yet trained in sports massage therapy? As a former student on Performance Training Academy’s YMCA-accredited Diploma course, I can highly recommend the excellent teaching, flexible approach to learning and the depth of support and encouragement. To book your place on their next sports massage course .
Or to chat to a course advisor you can call 0800 9788 442 or email support@ptafitness.co.uk.
By Hayzel Davies

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