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For years we have delivered our Level 2 and Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training course in a class environment. This is generally delivered for three days a week over a period of 6 weeks. The delivery in this way works great, it allows our tutors to really add their own knowledge and experiences on top of the course material and allows students to ask questions there and then about anything that they need more clarification of. It also allows our students to have the opportunity from one week to the next to go away and practice the new skills being learnt in their own time and environment. Our tutors also get a good opportunity to see the students progress and develop, or even to help those who may be stuck with any element.

I am still a massive fan of the delivery in this way and I want us to still offer future students the ability to learn in this manner. The negative of this type of delivery is that every year we have seen individuals unable to attend our courses due to time constraints, be it time off work or time away from kids and family. The solution to this was to create a blended learning package, allowing students to learn the necessary theory to our courses in their own time. Of course Personal Trainer courses have been done as blended learning online courses before, but we didn’t want to go down the normal route for this and to just add our PowerPoints as online content with a few quizzes here and there to show learning. Our goal was to only do this if we could add real value to our online content. All of the online content that covers the theory element to our courses has been produced by a range of graphic designers and producers to ensure our students have a fulfilling and visualised learning experience.

The online content is accessible to our students as soon as they purchase one of our courses. No longer will a student have to wait for a course start date, they can start their learning journey straight away. As soon as enrolment has taken place the new student is given personal login details to access the online content. The online content can be accessed on a laptop or desktop computer, or even better it can be accessed on your phone and tablet through our Academy HQ app. You can then start to make your way through the units at your own time and leisure, with full support from one of our course tutors whenever needed. If your a bit old fashioned like myself and would prefer some black and white reference material, don’t fear as you will also receive our “Performance Training Academy: The Fitness Professionals Resource and Reference Manual”. This manual is only exclusive from our Academy and isn’t available anywhere else. The concept of the book is to firstly help you pass the course, but more importantly it is for you to grow a successful Fitness Business and to act as a reference for years to come. The content is an accumulation of collected knowledge from a range of successful Fitness Professionals who are still active within the Health and fitness industry. Some of the subjects included in this manual will be:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Advanced Nutrition
  • Exercise and Training Protocols
  • The Definitive Exercise Bible
  • Business and Marketing
  • Avenues for Future Professional Development
  • and much more…..

Working through your online content can be done at a pace to suit you but we will always be here to send a polite reminder if you haven’t been active with your study for a few weeks.

To become a great Fitness Professional, good subject knowledge is a must. But to go with this knowledge you must learn and you must demonstrate the skill set to be able to deliver the practical side to Personal Training in regards to the training protocols, coaching skills, and client support. This will be fully delivered by our practical workshops. To complete your Level 2 and 3 Certificates in Personal Training you must attend 8 practical workshops. These will be delivered regularly throughout the year, 1 to 2 every few weeks, at our various locations around the country. We will also be running intensive courses at certain locations, UK and abroad, throughout the year. The beauty of delivering in this manner is that our students can pick and choose when and where they choose to learn the practical side of our courses. If you miss a practical day it doesn’t matter, you can simply book onto the next one. Students will get a great chance to work with different coaches and to build up a network of individuals within the industry, and also the opportunity to train out of a range of different environments, giving a great insight into the industry. Our practical workshops include:

  • Coaching and Instructing Exercise, including the big five lifts – Deadlift, Squat, Clean, Overhead Press, Bench Press
  • Coaching Advanced Resistance and Cardiovascular Training Methods
  • Baseline Measures – Strength and Fitness Testing, Postural Analysis, Body Composition Testing and more..
  • Strength and Conditioning Lifts and Conditioning Circuits
  • KettleBells, TRX Suspension Training and Boxing Pad Work with Clients
  • and much more….

Our role at Performance Training Academy is to ensure we give you not just the syllabus standard knowledge and skill set, but that we set you up to be a success in the industry by educating on more than just the basic level. To continue your professional development we will run regularly throughout the year lectures on nutrition, business and marketing, and others that you can choose to come along to. These will be delivered by our course tutors as well as the occasional guest lecturer.

To complete your course and to get qualified, you will need to train someone as your client so that you can build up a Personal Trainer case study. This will be solely your own work and all evidence will be submitted onto our fillable case study template that you can also do online. You will also be practically assessed training your client so that we can be sure that all students that pass our courses can coach an individual through at least two of the 5 big lifts, and can deliver a Personal Training session. The assessor will be fully industry experienced so that the feedback you get at the end of this practical assessment will be to solely guide you successfully into the industry.

At Performance Training Academy, we understand that the learning experience should be fun, rewarding and hard work, but we are fully aware that the hard part and real stresses can come about when trying to build a business with your new found knowledge and skill set. This is why we always want to assist, advise and guide our students into the industry and want nothing more than to see you succeed. We offer ongoing support once qualified and want our students to come to as many of our continued professional development lectures as possible.

So there you have it…

  • No time pressures, learn as quickly or as gradually as suits your lifestyle and working commitments
  • Continued support throughout the learning experience and importantly once you are building your business or working in the industry
  • All the subject knowledge that you could ever want to set you up correctly for the Health and Fitness Industry and to guide you through it
  • A range of excellent facilities for you to choose from to experience your learning and the chance to work with excellent industry experienced coaches

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I look forward to working with you


Ashley Hough

Founder – Performance Training Academy

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