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Planning: The Cool Down

This does not refer to the Cool Down part of the Aerobic Curve. Here were are looking at the section at the end of the class (after MSE) where we inculde stretching and relaxation. When you start planning your CD stretches, consider the final exercises in MSE and the body position. If you are supine …

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Planning: The Main Component

You will do lots of practical work around this topic during your live sessions with your tutor. The main session should be planned as a progressive and then regressive component in terms of intensity. You will build up – maintain intensity – and then build down. At the top of the aerobic curve is often …

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Planning: The Warm Up

You will do lots of practical work on this topic during your live days with your tutor. The Warm Up comprises 3 essential components and 1 desirable component: Pulse Raising + Mobility + Preparatory Stretching are essentialRehearsal is optional but highly recommended. PULSE RAISINGAs it says on the tin! Movements which will gradually raise the …

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Warm up ideas (curated videos)

A basic 10 minute warm up with static and dynamic stretching Up beat warm up with some dynamic stretching moves Warm up with some ‘dance’ inspired moves (NB Instructor is not mirroring — do NOT include the final stretch move) Video explaining the difference between static and dynamic stretching. Not all the movements shown would …

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