“The support I received was second to none and the online content is amazing” Andy Burns - Performance Training Academy

Andy Burns - Level 3 Personal Trainer

I don’t normally write reviews for services which I have bought as I tend to think that you pay for what you get, however I felt obliged to write a review in support of Performance Training Academy and the outstanding training and overall experience I had whilst going through the learning process of gaining my level 2 and level 3 Personal Trainer qualification.

From initial contact with Ashley Hough the founder of the Academy right through to gaining my level 3 qualifications the support I received was second to none. Ash has an encyclopaedic depth of knowledge of everything to do with the personal training industry. He has gained his knowledge from years of experience working as a personal trainer and working with individual clients and groups whilst running his own business, which all comes across in the course content.

His staff are also second to none. Part of his team include Pete and Will, who deliver parts of the training and assessments in a gym based environment. Again both are experts in the fitness industry, again university qualified in the PT sector but more than this they have both come from a professional athlete background and are also running their own successful PT businesses.

I think Ash goes the extra mile to deliver additional useful content in the form of separate business development modules online, which is extremely useful when people like me are looking to set up their own business once qualified but may not necessarily have the knowledge to do it. Again all members of the PTA team are currently running their own business which is very reassuring when you are thinking of taking the plunge yourself. They explain that the rewards are there, provided you put the effort in.

The online content is amazing; it keeps you engaged throughout and is detailed and very interesting. It is also supported by detailed and easy to use work books which come in so handy for revising. There are also lots of links to other professional athletes and trainers who are current in the industry and are extremely enthusiastic to impart their years of knowledge gained in the industry on to you.

Another brilliant thing about The Performance Training Academy is that if you are former serving military person then you are entitled to use your Standard or Enhanced Learning Credits to pay for nearly the entire course. The Personal Trainer qualification which Ash teaches is a level 3 qualification, affiliated to the YMCA, and as such it is really simple to apply for using your ELCAS credit.

In summary, in my opinion, Ash Hough and The Performance Training Academy is by far the best training provider of the Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. I would thoroughly and whole heartedly recommend them to any one, knowing that Ash and his team will get you through the course and qualified and able to take your place within the fitness industry with knowledge and equally important credibility that future employers and clients alike will value.

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