“The course was run extremely well, the balance of theory and practicals was great” Kelly McGurk - Performance Training Academy

Kelly McGurk - Level 3 Personal Trainer

My name is Kelly and I am 26 years old. I am a primary school teacher with a love for weightlifting and Crossfit.

The course was run extremely well, the content and its delivery I cannot fault. Everyone in the room was of different abilities yet the lessons and practicals were always really well balanced and fun! I really enjoyed the anatomy and physiology lessons, and the strength and conditioning type practicals. My tutor Ash and the whole group were fantastic and made me feel really confident as I progressed through the course. 

I would like to furthermore express that my tutor was always on hand to help whenever we needed him outside of class time which was very useful. Ash went above and beyond his expectations of being a course tutor as due to school commitments I ended up missing some of the course content. We arranged a time to go over what was missed outside of the scheduled teaching days, this was extremely useful and I am very grateful for Ashley’s time, as without the support he gave me I would be in a real pickle. 

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