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The 34 Exercises from the Pilates Repertoire

The Hundred

The Roll Up

The Roll Over

The One Leg Circle (aka Hip Circles)

NB this is a modified version of the JP classical method which can include spinal rotation

Rolling Like a Ball

The Single Leg Stretch

The Double Leg Stretch

The Spine Stretch

Rocker with Open Legs

The Corkscrew

The Saw

The Swan Dive

The One Leg Kick (aka Single Leg Kick)

There are options to do with a flexed foot or point/flex

The Double Leg Kick

The Neck Pull

The Scissors

The Bicycle

The Shoulder Bridge

This version shows Bridge without the exaggerated spinal extension/rib flare

The Spine Twist

The Jack Knife

The Side Kick

The Teaser

The Hip Twist

The Swimming

The Leg Pull (Front)

The Leg Pull

The Side Kick Kneeling

The Side Bend

The Boomerang

The Seal

The Crab

The Rocking

The Control Balance

The Push Up

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