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Tom Johnson

I used Performance Training Academy to gain my Level 2 & 3 Personal Training qualifications. I found the course content to be up to date, relevant and practical in today's ever changing world of fitness and health. I managed to do this whilst still undertaking my full time job as a professional rugby player due to his flexibility.

I knew Ash as a personal trainer and regarded him as a focused and thorough individual with exceptionally high professional standards. Needless to say he had transferred these qualities into Performance Training Academy.

Ash's personal training course has left me with confidence both in a coaching sense and theoretical sense for my future career in the health and fitness industry. I would not hesitate to recommend Performance Training Academy to anyone interested in becoming a personal trainer.

Tom Johnson

Exeter Chiefs and England rugby player.


Kelly McGurk

My name is Kelly and I am 26 years old. I am a primary school teacher with a love for weightlifting and Crossfit.

The course was run extremely well, the content and its delivery I cannot fault. Everyone in the room was of different abilities yet the lessons and practicals were always really well balanced and fun! I really enjoyed the anatomy and physiology lessons, and the strength and conditioning type practicals. My tutor Ash and the whole group were fantastic and made me feel really confident as I progressed through the course. 

I would like to furthermore express that my tutor was always on hand to help whenever we needed him outside of class time which was very useful. Ash went above and beyond his expectations of being a course tutor as due to school commitments I ended up missing some of the course content. We arranged a time to go over what was missed outside of the scheduled teaching days, this was extremely useful and I am very grateful for Ashley’s time, as without the support he gave me I would be in a real pickle. 


Andy Burns

I don’t normally write reviews for services which I have bought as I tend to think that you pay for what you get, however I felt obliged to write a review in support of Performance Training Academy and the outstanding training and overall experience I had whilst going through the learning process of gaining my level 2 and level 3 Personal Trainer qualification.

From initial contact with Ashley Hough the founder of the Academy right through to gaining my level 3 qualifications the support I received was second to none. Ash has an encyclopaedic depth of knowledge of everything to do with the personal training industry. He has gained his knowledge from years of experience working as a personal trainer and working with individual clients and groups whilst running his own business, which all comes across in the course content.

His staff are also second to none. Part of his team include Pete and Will, who deliver parts of the training and assessments in a gym based environment. Again both are experts in the fitness industry, again university qualified in the PT sector but more than this they have both come from a professional athlete background and are also running their own successful PT businesses.

I think Ash goes the extra mile to deliver additional useful content in the form of separate business development modules online, which is extremely useful when people like me are looking to set up their own business once qualified but may not necessarily have the knowledge to do it. Again all members of the PTA team are currently running their own business which is very reassuring when you are thinking of taking the plunge yourself. They explain that the rewards are there, provided you put the effort in.

The online content is amazing; it keeps you engaged throughout and is detailed and very interesting. It is also supported by detailed and easy to use work books which come in so handy for revising. There are also lots of links to other professional athletes and trainers who are current in the industry and are extremely enthusiastic to impart their years of knowledge gained in the industry on to you.

Another brilliant thing about The Performance Training Academy is that if you are former serving military person then you are entitled to use your Standard or Enhanced Learning Credits to pay for nearly the entire course. The Personal Trainer qualification which Ash teaches is a level 3 qualification, affiliated to the YMCA, and as such it is really simple to apply for using your ELCAS credit.

In summary, in my opinion, Ash Hough and The Performance Training Academy is by far the best training provider of the Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. I would thoroughly and whole heartedly recommend them to any one, knowing that Ash and his team will get you through the course and qualified and able to take your place within the fitness industry with knowledge and equally important credibility that future employers and clients alike will value.


Tasmyn Burns

Prior to applying to this course I was completing a BA Hons in Coaching and Fitness. Come the end of my degree I decided that personal training was the career that I wanted to pursue. I was originally going to do my PT training at a different establishment but when I heard about Performance Training Academy I decided to complete my training through them as the time frame was much shorter than the other course, meaning I would be qualified much sooner! I also liked the idea of there only being a small group of people completing the course as I feel I learn better in that kind of environment.

Since day one of the course there was no awkwardness, it was laid back and fun, however we were always busy doing either theoretical or practical learning. I felt that there was a good mixture of theory and practical elements. It never felt like I was sat watching a power point for days on end! The enthusiasm and depth of knowledge from the instructor, Ash, was fantastic and I could tell that he had first hand experience of being a personal trainer himself as he taught from his own experiences, he wasn't just teaching the bare minimum of what the course required. He gave practical hints and tips that have already come in handy whilst I have been training clients!

There were always plenty of opportunities to ask questions and Ash would always give up his spare time if there was a topic or section of the work that you didn't understand or wanted to go through. Even now I have completed the course, I still ask Ash for advice every now and then and he is always more than happy to help! I would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone who is considering getting their fitness qualifications! I had so much fun completing them it didn't even feel like work most of the time, and I met a great group of friends too!!

I am now running my own personal training business, BURNSFITNESS, and I have built up a good client base already, I never thought it would have taken off this quickly but it really has! A massive thank you to Ash at Performance Training Academy for allowing this to happen and for the amazing teaching, instructing and support!

Student Testimonial


Kirsten Dolby


Level 3 Personal Trainer &

Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist


"I became a Personal Trainer as it was something I enjoyed doing and would be a career that would fit in around my young family."

Student Testimonial


Mark Flynn


Level 3 Personal Trainer &

Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist


"The flexible study with Performance Training Academy was perfect as it allowed me to work my full time job whilst getting qualified... leading to my new career that I love"

Student Testimonial


Kat Vlcek


Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist


"Our tutor was always supportive and helpful in ensuring we understood how to apply sports massage techniques to future clients"

Student Testimonial

Claire Lee (Personal Trainer)


"If you are thinking of becoming a Personal Trainer - I can not praise Performance Training Academy enough..."


Personal Trainer

“Prior to qualifying as a Personal Trainer my only experience of the health & fitness industry had been as an amateur cyclist and on and off gym user.

I wanted to qualify as a health & fitness professional as part of a career change whilst also studying nutrition and thought that it would be a great string to my bow.

Studying with Performance Training was great. The course content was thoroughly covered with any necessary additional offered out of classroom hours. The tutor shared from his years of successful experience in the industry to bring a whole extra element to the course.

I did both the Level 2 Gym Instructor course and Level 3 Personal Trainer course back to back, and both courses were great, professional, flexible and with a real personal touch. And left me with the real world skills to go straight into the industry.

I went straight on from passing the Level 3 Course to being a freelance personal trainer, and now, a couple of months on, I have established my initial body of clients, and set up an exercise class, which is going really well. I would fully recommend Performance training as a great all round training academy.”

Lucy Oakman

Personal Trainer

"I have been involved with a variety of sports all my life. I currently compete at national level bodybuilding/figure with the BNBF (British Natural Bodybuilding Federation). I have been doing this for the past 3 years and take my training and nutrition seriously.

 I chose to do this particular course as I wanted to help others reach their fitness goals. Performance Training Academy came very highly recommended to me. Ashley the course tutor was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and made it very clear and easy to understand. He also made the course fun which worked well for me. If I was struggling to understand a certain subject he would explain it again and again until I got it.

I am now currently working as a fitness instructor at Precision Fitness and Performance based in Exeter. I am really enjoying it and looking forward to doing further courses with Performance Training in the very near future. 

I highly recommend them for anyone looking to get into the industry.”

A Word From Ash

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