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KTA_Video Resources L3 Pilates

Pilates on Fifth

A good resource for technique and teaching points

Pilates ‘Elder’ Ron Fletcher teaching

Romana in action

These 2 videos have foreign narration – but you can see the quality of movement. It shows JP teaching her ‘hands- on’

Help! I can’t do the roll up

Standing warm up

Anatomy of the pelvic floor

Anatomy of the abdominal wall

Pilates for men. Not fluffy!

NB we don’t advocate a sexist approach which assumes that only men can do challenging exercises! This video is included here to just give you a variety of approaches.

Lying fundamentals.

Apologies for the dodgy-looking shot at the start of this video!

This is VERY slow practice – but detailed and should be useful for lying prep phase ideas. It also covers exercises for main as well (and there is considerable focus on scapular stability too).

Anatomy of a sit up

Useful when analysing related movements

Anatomy of the hip (part 1)

Mini ball mat session (slow)

Balls, bands and gliders…..

ideal for those who want less fluffy classes! And boy do those glider press ups and lunges hurt. They are super tough. Remember not to improvise with paper plates! get the proper kit.

You would need to introduce the Fundamentals and Principles to make it Pilates-based– but use of the Bender Ball is very common in Pilates Classes. They add lots of fun, variety and challenge.

Anatomy of the lumbar spine

Classic exercises with breath patterns

Full 45 minute mat class

Beginner level. If you are unable to get to class regularly then watch/participate! There are some good TPs in here and also some visual imagery cues. There might be some incorrect labels for the exercises – so watch for those. You might want to assess the teacher! Would she pass the practical exam? If you watch Pilates on 5th and this video you will see some common teaching points and approaches – but there are also some differences in the way exercises are performed. This doesn’t matter as the principles are crystal clear in both videos

Pilates for swimmers

If anyone wants to work with sports people, this link has info re pilates for swimmers. The info on this page would be good inspiration for your class planning too


Pilates for golfers


How to do The Saw – nice teaching points and progressions/regressions

Hardcore pilates lady! But – note the use of momentum!

A studio class videoed live.

Some good intro ideas here. She does romp through at a fair old pace – for beginners you need to sloooooooow down. She is definitely hitting the teaching points etc — but this would be a lot for a beginner to grasp. You could use a ball instead of the ring – or just adapt for no equipment.NB — note that because she is performing the exe

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