Pad work fundamentals workshop – for boxing, martial arts and self-defence - Performance Training Academy

Pad work fundamentals workshop – for boxing, martial arts and self-defence


Date: Sunday 17th July. Time: 11:30 – 17:30
Venue: Fitness First, Tudor Street, Exeter. EX4 3BR,

Pad work fundamentals - for boxing, martial arts and self-defence

This course is designed for fitness professionals and anyone who is looking to improve their knowledge of pad work - including techniques and drills.

If you are a fitness professional such as a gym instructor or a personal trainer, this workshop will give you the knowledge of how to correctly deliver this form of exercise with your clients. Focus pad work is an excellent additional to your skill set and works brilliantly with one to one clients and in class environments.

Our pad work workshop will also be of benefit to those who are not a fitness professional but simply would like to learn more techniques and drills when using focus pads.


As well as teaching you the correct technique in both holding and striking the pads, you will come away from this workshop with a range of different drills and session ideas that you can implement right away into your own training and into that of your clients sessions.


What is involved?

This course is designed in collaboration with World Champion Martial Artist, Sak ‘The Slayer’ who brings to the course more than 25 years coaching and martial arts experience. Having trained and fought full-time in Thailand and internationally, Sak is also an alumnus of the Performance Training Academy, and is passionate about the application of pad work as part of a holistic approach to client success.

Within this workshop, you will learn the following:

• Overview of Equipment and Safety

• Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts Striking Fundamentals and Pad Holding

• Unlocking the Kinetic Chain for Striking Speed and Power

• Identifying Common Issues with Form

• Basic Striking Combinations

• Basic Defensive Techniques

• Introduction to Advanced Combinations and Pad Holding Techniques

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