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Business and Marketing for the Fitness Professional



This course has been designed to teach you what systems and platforms you should have in place to be able to showcase your brand and make a success of your business.

On this course we will take you through a step by step process to ensure that you put in the correct foundations for your business, allowing it to grow and develop, and will result in covering units such as advertising, marketing, mindset, productivity and much more.


This course has been written and produced by Performance Training Academy founder Ashley Hough and Louise Pratley of Osteo & Physio Events.

Both Louise and Ash have years of extensive knowledge in building a successful business and how to put in place the correct content and marketing to building your social and media platforms as well as how to create a positive and productive mindset to go alongside your business development.

On this course you will learn how to build and implement the following practices into your business:

  • Designing the perfect website to add a professional feel to your business
  • Brand development and how to showcase your brand
  • Productivity, organisation and 'necessary' business admin for success.
  • Social media growth and develop
  • Content creation, structure and scheduling
  • and so much more.



Ashley Hough started as a self-employed Personal Trainer back in 2002. Running a successful fitness business, which averaged 30-40 PT sessions of per week.

In 2010, Ashley transitioned from being a Personal Trainer to creating an Academy to teach individuals how to become a Personal Trainer, as well as many other fitness qualifications and courses.

Performance Training Academy has grown from delivering 2-3 local in-person courses a year, to now delivering online and in-person courses nationally and internationally.

In 2020, Performance Training Academy even received an award nomination with FitPro Awards for the extensive online platform that has been created to allow individuals to study and learn in a way that is easily accessible and in a time-frame to suit them.


Louise Pratley graduated with a first class degree in osteopathy being awarded both the highest academic award, practical award from the European School of Osteopathy, as well as the rising star award from the institute of osteopathy in 2017.

At the end of 2017 Louise started her career as an associate Osteopath at the Osteo & Physio clinics in the South west. Since practising as an Osteopath she became one of the directors of the Osteo & Physio franchise company responsible for mentoring for new osteopathic franchisees as well as marketing for the Franchise company. Louise also co-founded the Osteo & Physio youtube channel with 5K subscribers.

In addition to this Louise started her own company Osteo & Physio Events, providing initial seminars on physical & mental well-being in the workplace as well as establishing a monthly platform of osteopathic online courses, osteopathic seminars, yoga, nutrition and meditation. Louise has also helped co-develop numerous online courses for Your Freedom Empire (online property platform) and Performance Training Academy.


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