Pilates Session 1 - Performance Training Academy

Pilates Session 1

Below you can find the slides and handouts used in session 1 — scroll to the end of this list to see some videos to support topics we discussed.

You have all your worksheets etc available through an online portfolio. A link to this will be provided by PTA HQ. There is a PDF verion of the whole portfolio (called a LAR) and this is linked below for reference only (so you can see the whole course mapped out in one document). Don’t use it for completing your actual work.

The new PARQ+ and the follow up (used for pregnancy) ePARmed-X+ can be found here: https://eparmedx.com/?page_id=79

Visit Fitpro for information on student insurance (other brands are available): https://www.fitpro.com/insurance/public-liability.cfm

FitMixPro is a site where you can mix your own tracklist — cross fades or separate tracks. You can also purchase mixes made by other instructors (if you like them!) — such as this one: https://www.fitmixpro.com/music/track;AWO;-c32;r=new#keepmix

Visit the PRS website for all the info you need about the legal use of music: https://pplprs.co.uk/themusiclicence/sectors/fitness-dance/

Did you know that we have a Sport England recognised governing body for Exercise Music and Dance. EMD have a simple guide to using music and staying legal: https://emduk.org/class-music-need-to-knows-for-fitness-instructors/


Remember — this course will not cover the adaptations or specialist knowledge to work with pre/post natal clients who have specific “conditions” relating to pregnancy (such as a diastatis) OR pre natal who want progressive programming. The content here is provided so that you have underpinning knowledge as to the importance of these issues.

We talked about how the body is “connected” — how an issue “here” can cause a problem “there”. This amazing video is a real cadaver dissection of the front line of the body showning just what this continuous connection looks like. Obviously this goes way beyond anything we will need for this qualification. But it’s so interesting (I think!) I wanted to share it with you — CAUTION if you are sqeamish.

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