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This blog is written by an owner of a company that has been established since 2003. I do not have the best knowledge of marketing, but I have learnt a lot along the way. If I am honest most of the business that I have had over the years, either clients for Personal Training or students for Education in the Health & Fitness Industry, has honestly come from word of mouth. As great as it is to receive word of mouth customer referrals, it will only ever get you so far before you need to start reaching a wider audience.

I have had a few websites over the years, but I have never really made sure they worked for me so I never received the traffic and contacts that I should have had. Believe it or not, when I started in this industry there was no Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. The whole marketing potential has changed massively, and it is forever changing even now.

The idea of this blog is to give you a checklist of what is necessary in these modern times to get your name/brand across. I have seen some amazing Personal Trainers over the years who haven’t been as successful as they deserve. Some very knowledgable and personable trainers have just not succeeded in finding the client base which can give a good income and flexible lifestyle that they are after. At the end of the day, it all comes down to marketing, ensuring a wider audience knows of what you have to offer.

So to start with, do you have any of the following platforms actively working for you right now?

  1. An up to date website
  2. Social media presence – on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn…
  3. A video channel – Youtube, Vimeo…
  4. Posters/banners/leaflets/business cards in targeted/specific locations
  5. An email list and regular newsletter
  6. Any vehicle signage

I am sure some who are reading this have covered all of the above, others only a few of them, some may have none in place.

I know some marketing experts will say that some of the above will work better than others. I know of individuals who would say that a website is pointless and social media is the way forward, whilst others would say social media is becoming yesterdays news and that websites are your base for all content. In my opinion, why not have a strong presence with all of the above. That way you will be appealing to those who are not using Facebook, and those that are constantly on it. You’ll also have a place on google when someone searches for services that match your product.

Video is a really strong platform to reach out to an audience and to get your message and services across to the masses. The good thing with video is that you can have it on YouTube, which can then be embedded onto your website, which can then be shared on your social media. Three of the above marketing methods covered in one, you could then even send a link to that video to your email list, so that is four out of six covered with one video.

Marketing is a massive subject and there is much to learn. I mentioned in a post on social media only yesterday about how you sometimes reach a stage in your career where you realise you can not do everything and that your own knowledge in certain areas will only get you so far. In my experience this area is definitely marketing. As a company we have done ok, but I really feel that we have a great product to offer individuals who are looking to create their own careers in the Health & Fitness Industry. To get this product in front as many individuals as possible I know that it would only benefit my company to invest in an expert in this very specific field of marketing.

We teach all of our students the importance of marketing to ensure they build they own successful business, this will be covered in more detail in our next Marketing blog.

If you are reading this and you have your own business, do you feel that you have your marketing covered? What has been your most successful strategy? Or is marketing the one thing that is holding your business back from its true potential?

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