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​Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga


The Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga covers everything you need to become a skilled and professional teacher.

Your Course Content Includes:

Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology

Programming Effective Yoga Sessions

Philosopy of Yoga

Poses and Sequences

Client Care and Support

Postural Analysis and Movement Screening

Delivering yoga with props

History of Yoga

Meditation and Relaxation

Health and Safety for Yoga

You Will Learn

How to work with specific groups

How to design programmes to meet specific client goals

How to observe and correct clients with confidence

How to programme adaptations and modifications

How to design innovative sequences


FREE: Access to our Business and Marketing Course

FREE: Access to our private Yoga Facebook Group

FREE: Lifetime Access to all course content

FREE: Access to our video library of sequences

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You will be have time to practice your new skills in between tutorial sessions. This allows you to build up a portfolio of work, and then our experienced tutors can answer any questions and give you the relevant feedback.


As always, our tutors will be on hand to give you ongoing support throughout the learning process. All Yoga students will be invited to attend our Business Set Up and Marketing lectures free of charge.



Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga

Upon successful completion, you will be qualified to teach Yoga to groups and individuals.

Across the Level 3 Diploma you will learn the following units:

Anatomy & Physiology 

A vitally important unit for all Yoga Teachers

You will learn about the musculo-skeletal system, energy systems, cardiorespiratory system and the neuro-endocrine system 

Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health

This unit will teach you how to programme and deliver exercise to a range of different clients, with a variety of goals, and will also look at how to cater for special populations such as pre/post natal and how to train young and elderly clients.

It will also give you an understanding of exercise physiology and will cover an introduction to nutrition.

Know How to Support Clients and Health, Safety and Welfare in a Fitness Environment

Understand how to create client retention, build a professional rapport, and ensure that your clients and class members are in an environment that is both safe and effective for their needs.

Programming and Delivering a Yoga Session

Learn and practice a range of poses and sequences that will ensure you are a confident and knowledgeable Yoga Teacher. 

Online content and practical workshops

Our content is designed to allow you to learn the theory at home using our online video modules and live webinars, and then use this knowledge when you attend our studio based practical workshops.


Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga

Level 3 Assessments are completed on our planned assessment days and are as follows:

  • Multiple Choice Exam:
    • Anatomy & Physiology 
    • Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health
  • Practical Assessment and Course Portfolio
    • You will be building up a portfolio of work around our practical workshops, showing that you have put all taught Pilates teaching and techniques into practice - course portfolio.
    • Programming and Delivering a Pilates Session - practical assessment

The feedback you will gain from each assessment is all part of building up your knowledge, confidence and professional development.

You will submit your final assessment class via a video recording


Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga - Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites required to enrol on this course.

However, it is strongly recommended that you have attended yoga classes before enrolling.


YMCA Approved Centre

Accredited by:

The Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga is accredited by YMCA Awards and is industry recognised, both in the United Kingdom and Worldwide, meaning you can work as a Yoga Instructor almost anywhere around the globe.

What Our Students Are Saying

Melissa Lang

The whole course from start to finish was well prepared and thought through

Ashley is a fantastic teacher. He is friendly, Very knowledgable and down to earth which makes the training a lot more enjoyable.
The whole course from start to finish was well prepared and thought through. Every practical day was great fun and I learnt a lot. I enjoyed meeting the same group of people each time and building lasting friendships. The theory for the course is perfect as you can do it in your own time in and around busy lifestyles which is perfect for some like me with work commitments and 3 children. I continued to finish my level 2 and started my level 3 straight after and I have just competently completed my final exam all thanks to Ashley @ Performance Training Academy!

Joe Hafner

I would recommend Performance Training Academy to anyone thinking of taking the course

My education with Performance Training Academy was direct and efficient, I conducted my learning on a blended learning basis. I learnt the theory part of the course with one to one help from the course tutor, and I joined a small group to carry out our practical education. It enabled the delivery of the course content to suit my needs.

I successfully achieved my qualification within my needed time scale, learning and retaining more information then I thought I would, as I usually struggle in class-based environments, so with this, I was really impressed and thankful.

I would recommend Performance Training Academy to anyone thinking of taking the course. Their deliverance of the content will keep you engaged and interested throughout the course, they also provide ongoing support after you have completed and begin your career as a Personal Trainer.

I am now working as a recognised Personal Trainer out of a gym in Dubai.

Lily Burks

Performance Training Academy work their hardest to help all students achieve their individual goals within the course

Before starting the course I had no previous coaching or teaching experience. I was a regular gym goer myself but had no base learning in how to instruct. I have always enjoyed working with people and being social, I am a qualified hairdresser as well and have always liked to build relationships and work on self-improvement and care. I wanted to be a Personal Trainer because I became passionate about exercise and enjoyed learning new methods and wanted to share that with the wider world.

The course was a fantastic way to get a feel for the gym environment as it was based in a working gym. My tutor Stuart and Ash who runs Performance Training Academy work their hardest to help all students achieve their individual goals within the course. It’s a very friendly and relaxed environment with a professional feel – which is exactly what they emphasise you convey to your clients.

Now I have qualified I plan on setting up all of my social media bases and working on my fitness personality through these and start to gain clients. I will be working for myself and then eventually look into potentially relocating and working from a gym. I will also be using Ash and Stu in the future for any programme queries or business advice!



“I have just completed the most fantastic, invigorating, friendly and uplifting weekends with
Lauren and the team for Level 3 Yoga Teacher Training. In an industry which is still fairly
unregulated, Lauren guided us professionally but with such deep kindness, to find a way to
sculpt our own style of teaching, embrace our passions and start our own personal journey.
My work and family life mean I can’t disappear for a month to India to study – so this was
my own version of an achievable ‘retreat’ over 5 weekends! I have learnt so much already
and have even decided to slow my own yoga journey down, to really take on board the
immense amount of valuable insights I have been given. Plus, I don’t really want it to end! I
look forward to passing my enthusiasm for yoga, wellness, fitness and calm, on to my own

Flexible Learning Content

Independent and guided learning

Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology

Blended learning

The course delivered via a series of weekly on line, live tutorials. Week to week you will develop new skills and understanding


Live Learning

You will also attend face to face sessions led by our Yoga tutor, Lauren, who runs her own successful Yoga business.

Personal Trainer Instructor Course Study Time

Independent study

You will be given work to do as home study via our elearning platform along with additional resources and support.

YMCA Approved Centre

Fully Accredited

The Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga is accredited by YMCA Awards and is industry recognised.

The course is delivered through a mix of on line learning, live video tutorials and face-to-face sessions. This provides a perfect mix of flexible, self-guided study and also the reassurance that you have been given the right level of personal and guided practical study days.

Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology

Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology

Programming and Delivering a Pilates Session

Meditation and Relaxation

Delivering Yoga with props

Collecting Client Information

Postural Analysis and Movement Screening

Your Tutor

DSC 4933 Edit 2
Lauren Keerie

Hi, I’m Lauren and I am so excited to be delivering this Level 3 Diploma

I've always had a keen interest in movement, the body, and breath; something I first discovered early on in life through my involvement in dance and sport.

I have a first-class honours degree in dance/movement and over the last decade I have worked in education, delivering classes, workshops and qualifications in different institutions across the country.

I now teach group and 1:1 yoga classes online and around North Devon and I'm passionate about creating and delivering yoga teacher training courses. My delivery of teacher training courses means I can support new yoga teachers into the profession.

My style combines elements of Vinyasa Flow, mindfulness and universal alignment principles to help to promote strength, awareness, authenticity and positive mindset.

YMCA Approved Centre

Accredited by:

The Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga is accredited by YMCA Awards and is industry recognised, both in the United Kingdom and Worldwide, meaning you can teach almost anywhere in the world.

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