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Level 2 Certificate in
Gym Instructing

Start your journey to becoming an industry recognised fitness professional with the Level 2 Gym Instructor course.


This course will enable you to work in a gym environment as a Gym Instructor, and is the required pre-requisite qualification to allow you to enrol onto the Level 3 Personal Trainer course.

Become a Gym Instructor

This course will give you everything you need to become an industry recognised Gym Instructor.

Note: If you want to become a Personal Trainer, you will need the Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training (Practitioner) course.


Watch our explainer video for this course:

If you want to become a Gym Instructor, you can enrol today and start your studies immediately with our online learning platform.

Although, if you are looking to become a Personal Trainer, you can complete this course first, and then progress onto the Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training at a later date. Or you can enrol on the Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training (Practitioner) course which has all of the Level 2 content and Level 3 content combined.

How does it work?

You can start your studies as soon as you enrol, by getting immediate access to our award nominated online learning platform.


Your online student account will host the theory content of your course, all delivered as bitesize video lessons. Units include:


• Lifestyle and health awareness

• Programming and Delivering Gym-Based Exercise

• Anatomy & Physiology

• Professionalism and supporting clients

• and even a full exercise and coaching library


Along with hosting your course content, this online platform will become a point of reference for you when it is often needed the most - when you are working with your paying clients as a Personal Trainer.




Complete your studies

To complete your learning, and to cover the all important practical skills, you will be able to attend our esteemed practical workshops.


These workshops are delivered by current fitness professionals, ensuring you learn from those working with their own client base and passing on industry relevant knowledge to benefit you as a Personal Trainer.


If you would like to discuss our course structure in more detail, and the options available to you once you are qualified - you can click on the 'Book consultation' button at the top of this page. 

For a full overview of units covered, and everything you will get as part of your educational package for this course, please read our 'prospectus'



Course Overview

The Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing will give you the qualification required to work in a gym environment as a Gym Instructor. It is also the required pre-requisite course that must be completed to grant you access to the Level 3 Personal Trainer course (note: if you want to become a Personal Trainer, you can enrol straight onto the Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training (Practitioner) course which does include the same Level 2 content).


Course structure:

As soon as you enrol, you are given immediate access to our online learning platform and will be contacted by your course support tutor to get you up and running. The online content includes all of the theory content, resources and assessments required for your course.

To complete your learning, we have practical workshops that you can attend. These are delivered in working gym environments by experienced fitness professionals. You will learn all of the practical skills that are necessary to teach and instruct exercise to others in a gym environment.


What happens once you are qualified?

Once you have completed this Level 2 course, you are then industry recognised and will be able to seek employment in a gym environment.

When you have achieved your Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing, you are then able to enrol onto the Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training course. This can be straight away or at a later date. As discussed though, if you wanted to become a Personal Trainer from the start then you can enrol straight onto the Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training course.

Download our 'Prospectus' for a full breakdown of the Level 2 course structure and timeline to completion, along with how you can start building your business:

Click here to download our Prospectus




Your online learning platform

As soon as you enrol onto this course, you will be given access to our online learning platform. This allows you to start your learning journey straight away from home, and it is fully supported by your own dedicated tutor who will guide you every step of the way.

Your tutor will be in touch as soon as you enrol and will be at hand to support you through your studies, answer any questions, and give clarity on any part of the course. We can even offer regular accountability calls if it helps. Every individual learns in different ways, therefore we are at hand to help and guide you through every step of your learning in a way that suits you. 

Ongoing support

Support throughout your studies is of upmost importance to successful course completion, but support when you are building your fitness business and working with paying clients is when support and advice is often needed the most - we take pride in wanting to see all of our students thrive and grow in the industry so the more you stay in touch once you are qualified and take us up on our offer of support the better it is for us.

Your online learning platform doesn't just contain the necessary units to complete the theory side of the course, it also hosts important resources, practical workshop lessons for re-capping and tools to serve you through your studies and forwards into your career as a gym instructor, you will have lifelong access to this content.

We even have a stacked exercise and coaching library for you to reference throughout the course and even after you are qualified when you are instructing clients in a gym environment.


Download our 'Prospectus' for a further breakdown of the online content, a complete overview of required assessments and to get a good idea of a timeline to completion:

Click here to download your Prospectus



Practical workshops

Our practical workshops are delivered by leading fitness professionals, ensuring that you learn from those who have necessary industry experience and can pass on their own knowledge of how to confidently and professionally instruct exercise to others in a gym environment. 

The practical workshops complete the course content along with the online work. There are two level 2 practical days to attend and these are delivered at excellent 'working-gym' facilities in a variety of different areas in the UK.


Re-cap these workshops when you need to

A valuable part to this course is the ability for our students to be able to recap what is taught on these workshops whenever they want to, and they can do that by going back to their online student learning platform. All of the content we cover on the workshops has been added into our online classroom style lessons to allow you to re-learn and refresh whenever you need to. We have even created an extensive 'Exercise and Coaching Library' to help you moving forwards into the industry.

Download our 'Prospectus' for a full insight into what is taught on each of our practical workshops, when the next set of course dates will be and how you can reference these workshops even after you are qualified by using your online learning platform:

Click here to download your Prospectus




It is important when enrolling on to a course that you have a clear timeline to completion and an understanding of what you need to do to pass.

As soon as you enrol, your course support tutor will arrange a call with you so that they can talk you through your assessment plan. This will essentially be your timeline to completion and will set you some motivation with your studies and targets to aim for.

Online assessments

Once you complete a unit online, it can be assessed immediately, allowing you to do the assessment whilst the knowledge is fresh and to save you hanging around for an exam. Our online end-of-unit assessments can all be done from the comfort of your own home when you are ready to do so. Your support tutor will be at hand to help with any revision and to get everything organised for you.

The unit of Anatomy & Physiology will be assessed using a multiple choice exam - this is performed as exam conditions and is also completed from your home. It is an excellent set up that allows you to complete a unit before moving onto the next subject. 

And finally some units will be passed by completing some of your course portfolio which is a case study and online worksheets. Allowing you to apply your newly learnt skills to a real-life client.

Practical assessments

To showcase the knowledge you have learnt from the practical workshops and the online content, as well as allowing you to show us how well you can do the role of a Gym Instructor, you will build up a course portfolio and case study.

This is where you will train an individual as an active client, analysing and educating them on their training, lifestyle and activity habits. You course support tutor will be at hand to help with this every step of the way, this stage of your learning reflects who you are as an individual and it builds up your experience, knowledge and confidence in training a client.

You will complete the course by submitting to us a filmed assessment of you training your client in a gym environment.

This filmed assessment is again done in your own time and in your own environment, giving a real relaxed sense to the assessment, allowing you to truly be yourself and to also document your transition from study to being a fully qualified Gym Instructor.

Download our Prospectus for a full overview of the assessments and what is required to pass them:

Download your Prospectus here


YMCA Approved Centre

Accredited by:

The Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing is governed by YMCA Awards and is industry recognised, both in the United Kingdom and Worldwide, meaning you can work as a Gym Instructor anywhere in the world.
Upon completion of our qualifications, you’ll also be able to gain membership with the standardising body for the Health and Fitness Industry - CIMSPA (previously REPS - The Register of Exercise Professionals).

For further information, courses prices and booking options - please click here:

What Our Students Are Saying

Melissa Lang

The whole course from start to finish was well prepared and thought through

Ashley is a fantastic teacher. He is friendly, Very knowledgable and down to earth which makes the training a lot more enjoyable.
The whole course from start to finish was well prepared and thought through. Every practical day was great fun and I learnt a lot. I enjoyed meeting the same group of people each time and building lasting friendships. The theory for the course is perfect as you can do it in your own time in and around busy lifestyles which is perfect for some like me with work commitments and 3 children. I continued to finish my level 2 and started my level 3 straight after and I have just competently completed my final exam all thanks to Ashley @ Performance Training Academy!

Joe Hafner

I would recommend Performance Training Academy to anyone thinking of taking the course

My education with Performance Training Academy was direct and efficient, I conducted my learning on a blended learning basis. I learnt the theory part of the course with one to one help from the course tutor, and I joined a small group to carry out our practical education. It enabled the delivery of the course content to suit my needs.

I successfully achieved my qualification within my needed time scale, learning and retaining more information then I thought I would, as I usually struggle in class-based environments, so with this, I was really impressed and thankful.

I would recommend Performance Training Academy to anyone thinking of taking the course. Their deliverance of the content will keep you engaged and interested throughout the course, they also provide ongoing support after you have completed and begin your career as a Personal Trainer.

I am now working as a recognised Personal Trainer out of a gym in Dubai.

Lily Burks

Performance Training Academy work their hardest to help all students achieve their individual goals within the course

Before starting the course I had no previous coaching or teaching experience. I was a regular gym goer myself but had no base learning in how to instruct. I have always enjoyed working with people and being social, I am a qualified hairdresser as well and have always liked to build relationships and work on self-improvement and care. I wanted to be a Personal Trainer because I became passionate about exercise and enjoyed learning new methods and wanted to share that with the wider world.

The course was a fantastic way to get a feel for the gym environment as it was based in a working gym. My tutor Stuart and Ash who runs Performance Training Academy work their hardest to help all students achieve their individual goals within the course. It’s a very friendly and relaxed environment with a professional feel – which is exactly what they emphasise you convey to your clients.

Now I have qualified I plan on setting up all of my social media bases and working on my fitness personality through these and start to gain clients. I will be working for myself and then eventually look into potentially relocating and working from a gym. I will also be using Ash and Stu in the future for any programme queries or business advice!

How Do You Become A Personal Trainer??

Check out our quick video on how you can become a Personal Trainer.

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