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A couple of questions that I am asked every time I have a meeting with a new candidate are “What are my options once I am qualified?” and “Can I be successful as a Personal Trainer?”. These are two very important questions as you need to be aware of what the next step is, this is going to be your livelihood after all.

My response to these questions is always honest and realistic, I have been in the industry myself for well over 10 years and I have seen a lot of people succeed and a lot of people fail.

Like any business, you have to put in the motivation, time, energy, money, confidence and knowledge to succeed. A successful business is not made by sitting around and waiting for something to happen. On our courses we put a lot of emphasis onto how to build up your business after the course has finished. We offer as much post course help and guidance as you need , to help you establish yourself in the industry.

The industry has changed a lot since I started out. There are definitely more people becoming Personal Trainers, but this does not mean that it is becoming a saturated industry. It is generally a lot more common to have a Personal Trainer now so the target market has increased massively. 10 years ago there would have been only a handful of Personal Trainers in one mainstream gym, often it was advertised as “Personal Training – Not Just for Celebrities!” as that is how it was looked upon. Now it is a lot more common for individuals to have a regular Personal Trainer. Large chain gyms will generally have a dozen or more Personal Trainers, and it is now a gym’s main selling point to offer this service. So yes there are more trainers out there, but there are also a lot more individuals who would be looking to use a Personal Trainer.

Another major element that has changed the game is Social Media. Services such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress etc have really helped individuals and companies to raise their profile. Having a good website is also vital and can be used nicely in conjunction with Social Media. The online world helps us to not only raise our profile, but it allows us to bring other elements to our role as a Personal Trainer and to your business. It no longer has to be just one to one training in a gym environment, we can become nutritional and training advisors online. Whether you are just putting information out there in the form of blogs and videos to raise your profile or you are charging for an online service, your options are vast and should definitely be embraced to increase your income.

In one of my recent blogs I wrote about the difference between GloboGyms and Independent Gyms (the link is at the end of this blog). It gives you an insight into your different employment options as a Personal Trainer. To touch on this subject again, I am seeing more and more newly qualified Fitness Professionals with the desire to become their own brand and to do their own thing, rather than to find a placement at a large gym chain. This, I believe is the way forward for a lot of individuals. It can definitely be a way to further yourself as a Fitness Professional as you are able to offer many more services and be a lot more of an individual.

At Performance Training we work with some excellent professionals that can help you push your brand. At the end of each course we give you the option to attend one of our free workshops where you will have the chance to meet our excellent web designer and marketing experts. This is all put together to ensure that we can offer you everything you need to become a success in this industry from the moment you are qualified. We do not believe in putting an individual through a course and then expect them to go and work in a mainstream gym chain, we like to ensure that you have the full array of options and opportunities given to you. We want you to succeed and we will help you every step of the way.

Our Exeter facility is also ready for you to use as a base for your Personal Training if required. It is even better for us to see an individual, train with us, grow as a business and do their Personal Training at our facility – Gym Space Exeter.

A good friend of mine speaks of the motto ‘Knowledge is Power’, as a fitness professional this is definitely true. To succeed in this industry you can not bluff you way through. Our objective at Performance Training is to ensure that you get all the knowledge and skills required to be an elite Personal Trainer. By passing our course you will show that you have the confidence and ability to deliver these skills. We then ensure that you continue to learn and grow as a Fitness Professional by offering regular workshops, lectures and online resources. I have been in this industry for a long time and there are always new things to learn, thats why I am proud to play my part by being a training provider.

Heres to training the next generation of fitness professionals.

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