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Do you need a website? Should you just use Social Media to drive and advertise your business?

Some would say you don’t need a website… this is said because Social Media can give you such a good advertising platform. BUT, is this RIGHT??

At the end of the day, you are going to be building a Fitness BUSINESS. If you are going to buy into any services that a business provides, do you more often than not check them out by viewing their website or their Facebook Page?

The website will win hands down in this. A clean, crisp website (that needn’t be costly) will showcase your services in the most professional way.

Have you got a website that promotes the professionalism of your business? If yes then perfect, we will bullet point what makes a great website shortly…. but if you don’t, then why not?

Treat your fitness business like any other professional service out there, give your potential customers the ability to see what you offer, for how much, testimonials about how great you are, and an insight into who they could soon be using to help them achieve their goals. A personal trainer, therapist, pilates instructor will be someone that they will likely be investing in and seeing on a weekly basis for a long period of time, months and even years…. they need to make sure they are buying into the right individual. It will also give them an easy and simple way to contact them – phone, email, contact form.

Remember, not everyone is actually on social media.

You do not need to spend a small fortune on a website. I myself have wasted thousands over the years on different websites that is supposedly going to give me the traffic that I am after. I have learnt from mistakes and have learnt that a website needs to be simple, look clean and not cluttered, and have the ability for you to update it yourself.

Your website should have a certain appearance and include the following:

  • It should not be cluttered with endless amounts of text
  • Have high-res images that show you delivering your service, i.e. training a client, performing a massage… it shouldn’t be just images of you looking pretty for example.
  • Contact details should be easy to see and use: Contact form, telephone and email clearly visible.
  • Links to Social Media platforms – This will be addressed in an upcoming video and blog.
  • Testimonials: Existing and previous clients telling everyone else how you have helped them and been more than worth the investment is vital. These can be a photo with text, but make sure some (if not all) are filmed.
  • Have a blog page where you can offer FREE advice and resources (vital for social media links – again will be addressed in a later post)
  • Clearly laid out prices of your services… if you can get a click to purchase button then even better, it will grasp those who are keen to make the impulsive buy.

If you have a website already, does it lay out similar to above? Or are you missing some key elements?

If you like, add your website link in the comments of this blog or in the comments if seeing this post on our social media platforms, we can then take a look over and give you a FREE review of your current site.

Do you need a site? We have teamed up with a great company who can give you exactly what you need. Contact us for more details on this, / 0800 9788 442, or simply visit our shop and purchase our branding and website product.

Take a look at the video below which talks through this. Our next video (3 of 5) will talk about Social Media Platforms…

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