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Our first video, of a series of 5, teaches you about the step by step actions you should be taking if you are looking to build a successful business within the Health & Fitness Industry. This is for Personal Trainers, Sports Massage Therapists, Pilates and Yoga Instructors, and essentially anyone who is looking to get the clients for their business that they are looking for.

As with any business, the first thing you should put into place is a business plan. This business plan should cover the following:

  1. What your business and brand is all about and what services you want to offer customers.
  2. Who is your target market, and where is the best place to advertise for each category of your target customer base.
  3. What platforms you need in place to advertise your services, i.e. website, social media platforms, posters, car/van sign writing etc.
  4. What the fee is going to be for your services. Are you going to add blocks of sessions for any discount?
  5. You need to include what your projected outgoings are going to be, i.e gym rent, advertising costs etc. Do some research on this.
  6. Cash flow projections… How many sessions a week do you need to deliver to give you the required income, not just to cover bills but to give you the lifestyle that you want.
  7. Targets. Set some targets as to how many clients you will need by the end of a set month, i.e. months 1-3  – target 4 full time clients a month to give 12 by month 3. This may give you the following – 12 clients = 10 -20 sessions a week (some may be 1 session a fortnight, some maybe 2-3 sessions a week).

Put all of this information down into a document on your computer, clearly displaying the above and anything else that you want to include. Ensure that you refer to this business plans as you are building your business, especially the deadlines that you have set with the targets and elements that need to be put in place, i.e get website built etc. Try not to do a great business plan and then just file it on to your computer, never to be looked at again.

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This book will showcase cash flow projections and avenues that you may want to consider for the set up of your business.

If you are to follow us as we go through our 5 video series on ‘How To Build Your Fitness Business…’ ensure that you get this business plan drawn up. You may add to the business plan as you watch the next four videos. The first video can be played below:

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