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A method of training that I utilise for myself and for my clients on a weekly basis. Dependant on goal and capability, this method will suit most individuals with different goals, ranging from weight loss to increased fitness to improved athletic performance . It is great for challenging the higher end heart rate zones to cause the body to improve and adapt. It is also an effective way to raise your metabolic rate for fat burning at rest.

I want to keep this article relatively short, so instead of going into the physiological adaptions that occur, I want to give a few examples of HIIT. It would be great if you would try this yourself and post a comment or get in touch to say how you found it.

The examples I give you are going to be based on gym equipment, that being the Treadmill and the Rowing Machine.

Do not attempt the treadmill intervals if you are not experienced in jumping on and off the belt at speed.

Example one is “Hill Intervals” on the treadmill:

With Hill Intervals the key is to start at a speed that is going to test you. It needs to be fast enough at the start so that the first 6 intervals are not easy, but steady enough to possibly get to the 10%. For example I wouldn’t run at my fastest, but it wouldn’t be far off. Regress the speed accordingly, you can always make a note of any changes and try to better it next time. Always warm up and cool down.

Example two, baseline testing on a treadmill:

This session should take just over 20 minutes. A good 6-8 minute warmup, 10 minutes of HIIT, then a good 6-8 minute cool down. I actually use this as a bit of a test with myself and clients, i.e. what is the fastest pace that I can maintain for all 10 intervals? Therefore I am not steadily building my speed up. An example of this would be to start at a pace of 18kph, max out by interval 6 then have to drop the pace down to 16kph for the last four. Next time you attempt the same HIIT, hopefully you may have the improvement and mindset to hit 8 intervals at 18kph, when you hit 10 then you know you have improved and adapted and it may be time to move up to 19kph.

Example three, distance intervals on the Rowing Machine:

10 of these intervals may be too much to start with, 5 0r 6 may suffice. Again its another method of HIIT training that can show improvement. You can improve on the number of intervals, the time it takes to cover the distance and also the drop off between the time it takes from the first 300mtrs to the last. The fitter you are the better you can recover so the times shouldn’t drop too much.

The nice thing about having a distance target rather than a time is that you have to go fast to get it done, the faster you go the quicker it is finished. With a 1 minute row, it doesn’t matter how fast you row, you are always going to be rowing for 1 minute so the motivation is not always there.

Have a go at these and let us know how you get on. Get in touch with any questions, info@ptacademy.wpengine.com

Have fun!!

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