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We are now well and truly into February, with Christmas and New Years now just a distant memory. We all read about, see and experience the gym rush that occurs every January. This is not a bad thing, as it can sometimes be portrayed. It is great that so many individuals sit down and reflect over the Christmas break and come up with the conclusion that they want to do something about their fitness, health and well-being. But we all know what comes hand in hand with this yearly gym rush… the annual drop off.

I have been involved with a number of different gyms over the years, and in all of them they all experience a boost of members in January, which is then followed by a cancellation of memberships normally around March/April once the general three month gym contract runs out. This is normally because the correct programming and guidance wasn’t received, therefore new habits where not formed for consistent gym attendance, or a lack of motivation was there due to poorly planned sessions. I have also witnessed new gym members going through a ‘Wow’ session with a personal trainer where they are simply shown how hard they can be worked if they were to buy a block of PT sessions. This ‘Wow’ session could often be seen as a bit of a ‘beasting’, which I guess some individuals would like, but most of the time this can put individuals off, could risk injury, and simply does not deliver on the all important ‘foundational’ stage of training where it is important to find out a clients movement potential and training limitations. Essentially if a member doesn’t receive the correct experience they could be set up to fail.

This is where Personal Trainers can come into play. It is a trainers role to sit down with individuals looking to start their journey in health & fitness, especially with those who would benefit from guidance and ensure they start their new regime in the correct and most appropriate way. What I like about the first initial consultation is that every one client is different, some may be extremely motivated and keen already, others nervous and apprehensive. Some individuals will have no experience, others will have tried a course of training before. But one thing is always the same, they will all have a goal and will often need the correct knowledge and support to get them there.

We teach all of our students the importance of habit forming with pretty much every new client. This may be habit forming in getting clients to eat a breakfast instead of having nothing, but will often include forming a clients habit in making them get to the gym from once or twice a week, to three to four times a week. Just because you advise that your client attends the gym four times a week doesn’t mean it will happen or if it is achievable. We also teach a lot about the importance of a ‘Foundation’ phase of training. This will generally be the first Mesocycle in their training, or the first two to four weeks or whatever is necessary. It will involve fitness testing, strength testing, posture and movement analysis. This will give a trainer the clearest way possible as to which direction they need to take their clients training to get them towards their goal and to help form important habits. This is the way to start a course of training a client, not a ‘beasting’ session.

So if you are a Personal Trainer and reading this, have you started off the new year with some new clients? Are they progressing in the way you want them to? And importantly are you giving them the coaching and guidance that is necessary to ensure they continue to train with you for years to come.

If you are a Personal Trainer and haven’t yet had that rush of new clients never fear, the new years resolution will still be fresh in peoples minds yet they may not have acted on it just yet. Now is a great time to reach out to these individuals and show them what you can do for them. Keep advertising and reaching out to these people.

Maybe you are reading this not as a fitness professional but as an individual who is looking to find that habit of consistent and correct training to get you to your end goal. Are you on the right pathway to this or are you struggling? Either way if you want guidance and coaching to help you with your new years resolution then get in touch with us and we will be able to put you in contact with one of our former students so that you can see what they could do for you.

Author: Ashley Hough

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