Episode #9: The story behind Performance Training Academy – From Personal Trainer to delivering fitness qualifications. By Ashley Hough - Performance Training Academy

At 22 years of age, Performance Training Academy founder Ashley Hough had no idea what he wanted to do as a career. He worked a number of jobs which he did not enjoy, causing the old Sunday evening blues and getting the dread of work the following day, before he found his ideal career as a Personal Trainer.

In this podcast, Ash is talking about his own journey and lessons learnt from the Health and Fitness Industry. How he started off as a Gym Instructor in a small independent gym, before building up his own successful Personal Training business – including tips on how this was done.

After working for 8 years as a Personal Trainer and loving his job, Ash then tells the story about how Performance Training Academy came to be and what it is today. All leading up to having an excellent team of Fitness Professionals delivering excellent fitness qualifications.

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