Episode #11: Supplements - Part One: Supplements to compliment your training - Performance Training Academy
In this episode we are discussing supplements – Protein shakes, Creatine, BCAAs, Fish Oils, Multivitamins, Electrolyte drinks and even Pre-workouts.
We will be giving clarity on when these are best to use, how they should be used effectively, and when they are not necessary.

1 thought on “Episode #11: Supplements – Part One: Supplements to compliment your training”

  1. Hey, always like to listen Mr. Buckingham.
    Any chance he could do a chat on supplementation problems around vegetarian supplements re: protein powders, amino acids etc.
    I have family members who are vegetarians. My young daughter was very influenced very early in life. Only recently she is back starting to eat fish and meat. Would be nice for her to hear it from some one else.

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