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It is important to have a clear understanding before you book a course and part with money! These are some questions to consider:

Will the qualification issued upon completion of your course be industry recognised?

What will you learn on your course and will it be relevant to the health and fitness industry?

Are you given a clear timeline to completion?

Will you be shown how to transfer the subject knowledge practically to your paying clients?

Are you going to be taught just the qualification, or will you also be shown how to build a successful business that will ensure you have clients to apply these skills to?

Is the course delivered just online, or is there the correct amount of practical workshops to teach you the necessary skills for this vocation?

What can you genuinely earn after you are qualified, and what are your working opportunities in your local area?

How do you book your course and career consultation?

It's easy, complete our form and one of  the Team will be in touch to arrange a time and date to suit you.

The consultation can be done over the phone or Zoom or time is a factor, we can answer any questions and give more details through email or messaging.

This consultation provides a great opportunity for us to give you a full overview of our course - both the online theory content and the all important practical workshops.

There will be no ongoing bombardment of sales calls after this consultation, that's not the way we work. It is designed simply to set you on the right path to getting what you need and to help bring clarity to an industry that at times can confusing.

We look forward to hearing from you.

If you don't want to fill in the form  - you can contact our Lead Tutor: Sue Ward mobile 07527 992059 or email [email protected]

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