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Training for a Marathon

With the London Marathon upon us this weekend, it has inspired me to write a quick article to highlight the hard work, training, and dedication that these competitors would have put in over the course of the last few months.

Why you should study to become a Sports Massage Therapist…

The fitness industry has definitely become more diverse over the last decade. It is no longer just about joining a gym and being given a generic programme. These days you are offered Personal Trainers, Kettlebell Classes, Outdoor Boot Camps, CrossFit Centres, Strength and Conditioning Gyms and so much more. The common trend that all these offer, and rightly so, is functional training. Individuals are being offered so much more variety and given more of a chance to train like an athlete.

Why Choose Us To Qualify As A Personal Trainer

At Performance Training, our goal is to qualify you as a fitness professional with as much knowledge, confidence and motivation as possible to ensure that you make a success of your self within the fitness industry. We also have the perfect venue for you to build your business as soon as you are qualified.

Starting Up As A Personal Trainer

Performance Training has certified many competent and enthusiastic individuals who are excited about starting a career as a fitness professional. Not only do we teach the relevant tools and skills required to become an elite fitness professional, we also ensure that once your certificate has been awarded you will know ‘what to do next…’. We will also offer as much post course support as you require.

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