“Ash and the team at PTA are fantastic, it was great to learn from their own experience and not just to do the minimum to pass a course” Tasmyn Burns - Performance Training Academy

Tasmyn Burns - Level 3 Personal Trainer

Prior to applying to this course I was completing a BA Hons in Coaching and Fitness. Come the end of my degree I decided that personal training was the career that I wanted to pursue. I was originally going to do my PT training at a different establishment but when I heard about Performance Training Academy I decided to complete my training through them as the time frame was much shorter than the other course, meaning I would be qualified much sooner! I also liked the idea of there only being a small group of people completing the course as I feel I learn better in that kind of environment.

Since day one of the course there was no awkwardness, it was laid back and fun, however we were always busy doing either theoretical or practical learning. I felt that there was a good mixture of theory and practical elements. It never felt like I was sat watching a power point for days on end! The enthusiasm and depth of knowledge from the instructor, Ash, was fantastic and I could tell that he had first hand experience of being a personal trainer himself as he taught from his own experiences, he wasn't just teaching the bare minimum of what the course required. He gave practical hints and tips that have already come in handy whilst I have been training clients!

There were always plenty of opportunities to ask questions and Ash would always give up his spare time if there was a topic or section of the work that you didn't understand or wanted to go through. Even now I have completed the course, I still ask Ash for advice every now and then and he is always more than happy to help! I would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone who is considering getting their fitness qualifications! I had so much fun completing them it didn't even feel like work most of the time, and I met a great group of friends too!!

I am now running my own personal training business, BURNSFITNESS, and I have built up a good client base already, I never thought it would have taken off this quickly but it really has! A massive thank you to Ash at Performance Training Academy for allowing this to happen and for the amazing teaching, instructing and support!

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