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  • Wear your branded personal training clothing when out running, at the supermarket and on the school run! Let everyone know you are a personal trainer. And get your car branded too. You may also be able to get a board made for your bike which you can take out a rucksack and attach to the bike when you lock it up and go shopping at a busy shopping centre or other popular public space.
  • Hand out personal training leaflets at a busy shopping centre or high street but make the leaflets memorable and unique and the sales hook to appealing to miss out on. Some marketing like boards/banners/ flags may require permission from the local council so do check if you need it. The relevant team at the council may also be able to share their expertise and give you ideas about what other self-employed professionals do to promote themselves.
  • Ask your friends to promote you every now and again on their social media pages but make sure you spend some time making the personal training sales pitch that they share amazing! Of course be sure to return the favour when they need promoting!
  • Offer a free lunchtime fitness class at a corporate venue: perhaps having an audience of hospital staff, teachers or civil servants may be a way to tap into potential personal training clients.
  • Provide a prize of three half hour personal training sessions for a community event or charity ball and ask the organiser to keep publicising their prizes on social media and mention it on flyers at the event.
  • Put your personal training flyers in hairdressers, doctors surgeries, supermarkets, cafes, workplaces and other community venues.
  • Get your personal training business listed on ‘local directories’
  • Video and photograph your personal training sessions to showcase on social media the results your clients are getting and consistently promote this on social media.
  • Train your personal training clients in public spaces like parks and beaches (wearing your branded clothes) so people can see why they want you to be their personal trainer
  • Sponsor a local fitness event/take part or have a stand there and provide free health MOTs to prospective personal training clients.
  • Offer your clients a free personal training session when they refer you to a friend who buys a block of three/six sessions.
  • Ask all your clients to share the posts of your personal training sessions with them so their friends get to see it too!
  • Carry your personal training business cards everywhere you go and don’t be shy to drop into conversations what you do for a living. Social situations can also be sales opportunities.
  • Network often, build your contacts and be a great referer. If you refer to others they are more likely to be willing to refer to you. Building a network of self-employed business owners can be very beneficial to everyone as you can regularly promote each other on social media – make your personal training sales pitches tantalising too – provide prizes or make a video on ‘awesome abs’ for example so you hook in your audience.
  • Organise your own fitness challenge or activity and get your personal training clients to bring their friends as well as advertising this on social media. It could be a charity sports tournament or through the night hike in fancy dress, the wackier the better just make health and safety your top priority!
  • Don’t forget to work on retention! Your current personal training clients support your livelihood and it pays to be grateful for their custom! Never take it for granted.
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By Hayzel Davies

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