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Ashley Hough Trainer

HI, I'm Ash

Hi, I’m Ashley Hough, CEO of Performance Training Academy, the South West’s premier personal training qualification provider.

As an experienced personal trainer, I know that becoming a successful PT, living the life your dream and enjoying the freedom as your own boss does not finish when the qualification stops.

As an experienced personal trainer I know success doesn’t stop when you get qualified. To become a successful PT so you can live the life you dream of and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, you need to understand how to run and manage your own business. No other course offers this business growth support.

Our ethos is simple: to provide you with the best accredited training available and teach you exactly how to grow a lucrative and successful personal training business so you can enjoy the freedom of working for yourself.

Through our face-to-face training programs, project work and dedicated online training portal you will learn the exact steps to becoming a qualified and fully booked trainer.

Meet Our Lead Instructors


Will Scudder

  • Started full time personal training in 2014, did strength and conditioning for various athletes and teams from 2013. 
  • Average around 30 clients booked in per week paying £30 a session. This averages out to be £900 a week and £43,200 a year (based on working 48 weeks a year) 
  • With a degree in strength and conditioning I have studied for 3 years the best methods to maximise fitness goals for any clients. 
  • I offer real world advice that will help you build the confidence and knowledge to create a successful and lasting business, giving results to your clients as well as maximising your earning ability.


Have extensive experience training clients from professional athletes through to pre-natal and cancer sufferers. Giving me first hand experience coaching a wide range of people.


Built knowledge on mobility, injury rehabilitation and movement dynamics to help build performance for athletes.  


  • Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
    BSc Strength and conditioning
  • FdSc Coaching and fitness
  • Kettlebell instructor
  • Pre and post natal exercise referral
  • Nutrition and weight management diploma
Petere Howard Fitness Instructuor Trainer

Pete Howard

  • Started getting involved in coaching S and C in 2013. Started PT initially in London in 2014, but moved to the states in 2015. Started to build Howards health and fitness from September 2016.
  • I average 25 sessions a week at £35 an hour, this is an average income of £875 a week and an average yearly income of £42000 (based on a working 48 weeks of the year).
  • I have played high level sport in different fields until the end of University, my background has helped me apply knowledge to the general population. I have had a lot of injuries over the years and having access to be treated by experienced therapists has given me insight as a massage therapist how to practically apply techniques for longevity or rehabilitation


I have worked with clients from 18/86 and have found a niche applying movement therapy and incorporating it with postural, strength and fall prevention schemes with the elderly. I use similar knowledge regarding movement and mobility to help professional athletes train to perform better in their sport.


I practically apply what I have lived and breathed over 10 years into my work. With a few years of multidimensional coaching experience behind me now I will teach you the base of knowledge to build a successful business.


  • Bsc applied sport & exercise studies
  • Fd Sports performance
  • L3 Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist
  • Osteoblast Bone Health Specialist
Lucie Tullett Fitness Instructuor Trainer

Lucie Tullett

“I’ve been interested in anatomy and the moving body from a young age, having done a fair amount of ballet alongside a keen interest in life drawing and painting the human form.”

Lucie became a Pilates instructor in 2010, having fallen in love with the method in her second year of professional dance training in Bristol.

Having spent her teenage years doing dance, athletics and running, Lucie trained as a contemporary dancer in Bristol and Plymouth, also completing dance summer schools in Leeds and London.

Throughout this time she was running a youth dance company, who were company in residence at the Exeter Phoenix, and toured as an apprentice dancer for Attik Dance Company. .

“Pilates attracts a lot of people who may have issues such as back or pelvis pain. I felt that there were gaps in my knowledge in terms of assessing and solving why this was occurring” .

In 2016/2017, Lucie qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist, Biomechanics Coach, pregnancy and post natal specialist and most recently in medical acupuncture/dry needling. .

Alongside teaching Pilates classes, she has opened a clinic for 1:1 Pilates, biomechanical screenings and subsequent treatments.

A Word From Ash

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